The question about the bullets(.50)


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It was cool and powerful😆, and I wanted to keep using it for a while, but my.50 disappeared in a flash. Do any enemies drop.50 bullets? I want to kill to get bullets. It always feels bad to spend money (yes, but it's weird that.50 bullets are similar to other bullets🤨).
I've found in all my time in Starfield that finding specific bullets is a bit hit and miss in combat. I get exactly why you don't want to buy bullets (they are shockingly expensive in bulk), but you may have to do that for now until a modder creates a Fabricator that generates bullets at an outpost (which would be soooo useful).
I found a lot of that in the quest for the LIST call of help, repairing four sateliites and then battling the pirates in the starbase. Hope that helps, I wanted to loot much more but running out of space on my ship and helpers.
I just keep several favorite guns on my ship until I have plenty of ammo to carry what I want. It takes a bit, but if you pick up all ammo all the time, you'll get there. I started playing around with a magpulse and I had over 17k rounds because I DO NOT pass up on ammo. It weighs nothing so I can play with any new gun I get and if I like it I just note the ammo it uses and stock up at every opportunity =)