The game get stuck after talking to Walker when giving the second artifact in The Lodge.


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I have a video, Screenshot and maybe can get a log but it doesnt let me post it…

-Start the game
-Start the quest “The old Neighborhood
-Play until you get Moara's artifact
-Give the artifact to the round table in The Lodge
-Talk with Walter right after
-Listen to Walter while Sarah speaks
-Cancel dialogue with Sarah when prompted
-Observe the game

Actual result
After retrieving the artifact from Moara and bringing it back to the lodge, talking to Walter Stroud after giving the artifact interfered with Sarah's dialogue and the game gets stuck on Walter and cannot undo the dialogue.

Expected result
Talking to Walter Stroud after giving the artifact does not interact with Sarah's dialogue.

-Repro rate 5 out of 5





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Very thorough! Were you able to resolve this bug by leaving the area or talking to specific NPCs in a specific order?