Missing pictures in the DataBase

Doc Scarlet

New member
I enjoy using the Starfield Ship Module Database while planning ship builds but I have noticed there are numerous pictures missing which makes it difficult to utilise or rely on using.

Does anyone know if this is going to be finished?
or what the requirements for it to be finished would be? (screenshots and location, cost, mass etc)
Hi Doc Scarlet!

We're making gradual improvements as we go to all sections of the database. I've got some more ship module images saved up that I need to process (brighten up, enlarge, add the roundel to etc) and hope to have them uploaded in the near future.

I'm also regularly keeping my eye out for components when I visit ship vendors so I can record available locations. However, the best way to get components is to build a landing pad with shipbuilder at an outpost, because that gives you access to the most components at once.

I'll consider the database complete once we have screenshots for every component, all of their stats, and at least one location where you can reliably get it.

Hope that helps!