Echoes of the past


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I got to the point where I was going to the secret escape and the blue mission marker marked the door of the tunnel. I have gone through and cleared all the next areas until I need to talk to Delgado on the Intercom. (I watched guides to ensure I wasn't simply missing something) the intercom won't work and the mission marker is still at the entrance to the tunnel. I have reloaded numerous time and nothing changes it. I had to load 8 hour earlier save to fix this issue as I couldn't leave. This is the 2nd time I've lost over 6 hours reloading from quest bugs. If I don't report it it may not get fixed but I've seen numerous posts on reddit talking about this.
Damn. Sorry you lost so much progress over a single glitch. If I see a fix for this quest out there, I'll make a note of it. Hopefully, once we've got all the quest IDs and objective IDs in place, we can use console commands to skip these issues (though I have no idea how that'll affect branching dialogue options).
I'm stuck on the same quest. It's telling me I need to clear the shuttle bay even though I've killed the queen & it's now empty. When I use the scanner to point me in the right direction it leads me out of the office but once I'm outside the office the arrows point back in.
Because on console the game crashes so often I've taken to quicksaving every few minutes at certain points but now apparently my most recent save before 10 minutes ago is from 14th Sept... I could handle losing a few hours but that's 2 weeks of intensive gameplay & to be honest that's just too much of a hit to take right now...