Crew doesn’t board my ship. Only one NPC at a time will board.


New member
No matter what I do, the only NPC that will ever enter my ship is whichever companion is currently following me.
I have a 7 crew ship, with four different NPCs assigned to it in the crew menu, but they never go in, unless I ask them to follow me and then enter the ship. But as soon as I go ask another companion to follow me, the previous companion will leave the ship, instead of staying on as crew. So I can only have one NPC in the ship at a time.
I can move the missing NPCs into the ship with console commands, but then they just stand there in one spot doing nothing-they are not really acting as crew members any more, although they are assigned to the ship in the crew menu.
I was wondering if there were console commands that could assign crew to a ship, instead of using the crew menu, because all the NPCs are behaving as if they are not assigned as crew even when the crew menu says they are.
The funny thing is that if I assign an NPC to an outpost, it will go to that outpost and actually move around and act the way it is supposed to as outpost crew. I just can’t get any of them to work as ship crew.
Don’t know if it’s a ship bug, but I have the same problem no matter which ship is my home ship.
Could this be because of a mission that the game thinks is incomplete, which only allows one crew member, or something like that?
Any thoughts or suggestions will be appreciated.