Companion post faction missions completion bug


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I completed the 5th main story quest and then the Freestar Rangers questline, then when I went to talk with Sarah, Barret, and Sam they talked about the main story stuff. Then after completing the crimson pirate questline, what do you know? They talked about the Freestar rangers questline stuff instead. So it's somehow bugged at the wrong stage, so when I go to do the next faction questline I bet I'll get the crimson pirate dialogue instead.
I've found something similar with main quest stuff. I think companion NPCs queue conversations like this and have to talk about them in order. I remember Sarah asking me about my powers after I already had about 7 of them or so. It's likely the same with other things.

Short of exiting and re-entering a cell and trying to continue a conversation, I'm not sure if this is something you can work around.