Bugged missions.


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So lets start off positive, I love the game. Got it early and have put in many hours when im not at work. But I've encountered a severe bug on the mission (ironically called) "the best there is". It tells me to speak to jasmine and neeva but dosent update the mission when i do. Ive looked online and many people are having similar issues. Ive been tothe well to speak to the next npc (i may have looked up the walk through online) she taks to me about the mission but again there's no progression the tracker is still on neeva at the key. I ideally dont want to have to start again as ive progressed quite far in the other quest lines. Please help.
Im stuck on 'The Best there is' where i have to meet Huan on the Jade Swan. The ship is glitched into the ground, tried old saves, moving systems and doing other missions, then coming back, Nothing!

Very frustrating - Xbox.

Many people of other social media platforms have the same issue.
You're lucky i now have no floor for most of the spaceport in new atlantis. Though it makes getting to the vendor chests much easier.
I've currently had 3 missions bug out on me, that can't be completed,
On the run - mei divine won't start her intro and I no longer have an option to speak with her.
Heart of Mars- there is no resourse to mine where the mission marker is.
Display of power - the door is locked to the strikers base when you return from hacking the signs.

Absolutely loving the game but this is starting to get very frustrating.
I am bugged out on the UNITY mission. I have to find th scorpions sting. I am right in front of it. The laser is pointed off the platform and won't move when I tap the keys. (Xbox) Even while right in front of it, it won't proceed though the quest. I have tried many things except a restart. I really don't want to have to restart the game to get back here again.