A Little Starfield Wish List


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So, I have over 260 hours into Starfield and I still have not done NG+. I thought I'd post a little wish list of things I'd love to see changed/added in the game, some being more realistic than others(mostly because there would need to be VA dialogue added):

1) Let us give books to Cora. She ASKS us for books, we find books, but we can't give them to her? That would have been a cool mechanic for romancing Sam- you have to gain rep with Cora too! Yes, giving her books might be addressed by a mod later, but to me it's a moot point if we don't get some dialogue from Cora.

2) I take a LOT of time to make my character look as good as I can within the confines of the character creator. It's important for me that I have some control over how my character looks- so imagine my disappointment when I discovered "pigment" in the game, but no way to use it to dye my clothing. If you aren't going to give us a transmog system(which you should consider because there are some fun outfits I'd like to wear without having to sacrifice a beneficial stat), at least give us the ability to dye stuff.

3) A big gripe I have is the lack of variety of life. I should NOT be encountering the same lifeforms- flora OR fauna- on two different planets, much less 10(or more). I know it's a lot to ask for there to be way more varieties of life, but man- running into the same critters AND plants on planets in separate galaxies was a big disappointment.

4) My biggest complaint: The shallow romances. Bethesda...please, PLEASE look at the romances in Dragon Age Inquisition. Specifically Cullen, Dorian, and Iron Bull. They are done RIGHT. Some are funny, some are touching, some are tinged with a bit of tension. I do NOT need a full-on sex scene like in BG3, but I would like SOMETHING to make them feel like actual romances. The lead-in to the implied first night together with Sam could have been great, for example, if Sam started to take his hat off and the PC can say "Hey cowboy...leave the hat on" or something to that vein. To which Sam could playfully respond "Yeehaw..." or whatnot. You get the idea. Something needs to be added to make it feel like more than a platonic friendship. As they stand right now, they fall flat...something as simple as getting an occasional kiss could really change that feeling. I don't know why you guys shy away from this kind of thing...I doubt it would change the rating of the game.

5) Finally...please find a way to allow us to fix quests without using console commands or mods. I have at least one broken quest(the ECS Constant never leaves Paradiso orbit). I would be willing to start the whole thing over if I had to, but I can't even abandon it and start over. I have not modded my game, nor have I used console commands because I am trying to do as much of a full playthrough as possible before using either. 265 hours and I can't complete a broken quest, and I am afraid that if I fix it with a console command my achievements will be disabled and then I'll have to fix that with a mod.
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