High Price to pay (Xbox S)


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I try to complete this, travel around universe, but when I click on an planet icon it says “fast travel is currently unavailable” I have read countless notes about go to previous save, keep coming back to same issues. I try to go to earlier saves, still same message Level 30 player BorrowedFlea56…
Just to clarify, are you unable to fast travel away from the Lodge? From what I recall of the mission, it starts immediately after you add an Artifact to the collection at the Lodge, at which point you decide if you stay or go to the Eye (can't remember the long name of the spacestation). If you're trying to fast travel from within the Lodge, you need to first leave the building, then fast travel. This is because there's a dialogue window you need to click through (confirming your choice before the Hunter arrives).

If I've got it wrong, sorry! Might need more details :)
Ok, I was in the middle of mission, went to eye first, saved the persons.. then came back to lodge, went down to basement, decided it was a little difficult.. so I went back to a previous save… then went on my merry way, now it seems I’m in a clitch, not being about to go to anywhere in the galaxy… just not allowing me to do it, whatever mission I try. Still thinks I need to go back to lodge… it’s not even allowing me to do this… doesn’t allow me to navigate back to where lodge is.. Very tricky, I don’t want to start again, as I’m on level 30.
Are you playing on PC or Xbox? If the former, it might be possible to reset that particular quest with a console command (though doing so may disable achievements and cause its own headaches).

That said, the safest command would likely be movetoqt - a command which moves you directly to your active quest target. If it gets you to the lodge, it might clear whatever trigger is currently missing/faulty.

I also take it that none of the autosaves from when you were in the basement are available for you to reload?
I’m afraid on XboxS. So cannot put in commands to take me to anywhere.

Very frustrating.. yes the only option I have is to go back to level 20…

All the other saves are around 29/30 none of which take me anywhere near where I want to be.. Sure there is a solution somewhere… Just not sure where. Thanks for giving me advice. 😄
Ah, that makes it much more difficult :/ You might be able to load the game onto a PC (even on the lowest settings, depending on what setup you have) as Starfield does have a cross saves feature, input the command, save the game on PC, then switch back to the Xbox, but it is admittedly a long-winded route to fix one quest :/

Thing is, you can only do that (to my knowledge) if you bought the game via the Microsoft/Xbox store. Might be an avenue worth exploring if you can confirm you get crossplay :)

Otherwise, yeah, might be a reload ten levels back situation :(
I think if I have to go back 10 levels then I start to loose will to live.. As that was at the New Year… the thought of battling through those levels does not fill me with good thoughts… 💭… I think I will just give up the game.. It gave me good promise.. with developments since launch.. Now it seems another customer has lost face in product. Thanks for advice though. Maybe an update at some point will fix issues.
Yeah, going back 10 levels is just not great :( I'm really hoping that future Starfield DLC, updates, and the Creation Kit arriving in the hands of modders (not that it'll help Xbox players much) will sort out a lot of the annoying bugs here and there, and improve the game overall.

I think Starfield has a lot of promise, but, yeah, it needs a lot of polish if it's to compete with other games. I only recently discovered that three times as many people are playing Skyrim over Starfield right now (at least, according to SteamDB). To be fair, Skyrim was amazing.

Either way, if you do need any help with Starfield in future, I'll always be happy to help where I can :) If we're really lucky, Bethesda will make the console command window available on Xbox (if the Creation Kit permits it), and we can fix a lot of faulty triggers etc that way :) One can only hope!